Tikkun Olam ProjectsTikkunOlam

Grade-Level Projects

Each grade level focuses on a year-long tikkun olam project that provides ongoing opportunities to participate in “repairing our world” and integrates the values of social action into daily activities. Students and teachers plan together to develop a project that is meaningful to them and that will make a difference to others. The experience-based learning involved in tikkun olam is linked to classroom instruction and enhances skills related to the core curriculum.

  • Kindergarten students help others. They support Sivukile, an organization providing training for South African families. The Kindergarten students communicate with and send items to the children there.
  • Grade 1 students focus on teva, nature. They support Heal the Bay and Jewish World Watch's Recycled Water Garden Project. The students participate in beach cleanup and create a water garden.
  • Grade 2 students embrace l'dor va dor, from generation to generation. They support the Israel Levin Center during the holidays by visiting and sharing with the seniors in residence there.  
  • Grade 3 students feed the hungry. They support Wilshire Boulevard Temple Food Pantries by collecting canned goods each Friday, and packing and distributing food at the pantries.
  • Grade 4 students assist those in need. They support PATH, packing lunches and helping transitional families.
  • Grade 5 students work with children with disabilites. They volunteer at Shane's Inspiration, bringing students to Aidan's Place Playground and visiting with them at their home school.
  • Grade 6 students help the homeless. They work with St. Joseph's Center, collecting needed items, serving meals and packing and distributing food.

The Friday tzedakah donations in each classroom are then designated for the causes that the grade level supports.

Schoolwide Projects

The Tikkun Olam Committee of the Brawerman Elementary School Parent Association works with students and faculty to facilitate schoolwide tikkun olam activities all during the school year.

These include:

  • Goodie bags for Rosh HaShanah
  • Thanksgiving Baskets
  • Toy Collection
  • Book Drive
  • Purim Baskets

Temple Programs

Students and parents participate in Temple-wide tikkun olam projects including Wilshire Boulevard Temple Food Pantry, relief efforts for victims of disasters, Habitat for Humanity, support for the people of Darfur, Mitzvah Day, Heal the Bay, PATH and others.