Brawerman Elementary School West opened its doors in 1999 with an inaugural class of 10 Kindergarten students. In just a few short years, we grew to a full capacity K-6 school with 280 students and a faculty of over 70.

Founding Head of School, Nadine Breuer, provided the creative vision, extensive experience, and strong leadership skills to build the infrastructure and support the growth and development of the school. Former Wilshire Boulevard Temple Head Rabbi, Harvey Fields, brought his dream of a reform Jewish elementary school to fruition as Nadine led a team of educators, parents, clergy, and community members in planning and preparing for what would become the Geri and Richard Brawerman Elementary School of Wilshire Boulevard Temple, thanks to the beneficence and foresight of Richard and Geri Brawerman.

As young Jewish families were moving to areas west of the original Wilshire Boulevard Temple campus in Koreatown/Mid-Wilshire, leaders recognized the need to provide for this constituency and purchased property in West Los Angeles. They converted a 30,000 square-foot structure and added 60,000 square feet of new construction to create the beautiful campus that serves the school today. 

Brawerman Elementary School East opened its doors in 2011 at the historic Wilshire Boulevard Temple Erika J. Glazer Campus. With an inaugural class of 18 Kindergarten students, Brawerman East has grown into a K-5 (K-6 in 2017) elementary school with over 85 students and a full staff. With its location on the historic campus in the Wilshire Center neighborhood of Los Angeles, Brawerman East fuses the past, the present, and the future into a compelling curriculum that roots students in the history of the Jewish people, develops students' sense of self, and prepares students to be good citizens in a multi-cultural city and world. A dynamic response to education, students at Brawerman East experience the highest academic standards with the added privilege of attending school at a historical landmark, a living example of Jewish history.

The redevelopment of Brawerman East facilities was completed in 2015 and features brand-new state-of-the-art classrooms, a science lab, innovation lab, art studio, music room, library, Hebrew language center, new offices, playgrounds, and an athletic complex located on top of the 500-space parking structure. 

The short history of Brawerman Elementary School is rich in achievements—from our strong academic and athletics programs, to the awarding of full accreditation, and to the successful matriculation of our graduating classes of Grade 6 students. The growth of the arts, science, and technology curriculum has nurtured a community of mensches who are educated Jewishly and are spiritually enriched.