Harvey J. and Sybil A. Fields Scholarship Fund

Financial Aid Application Checklist

FAST application becomes available on October 30, 2017 and is due by Friday, January 12, 2018. The following items must be received by FAST no later than Friday, February 2, 2018.

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  • End of year credit card statements: January - December 2017
  • Bank statements for all checking, savings and money market accounts – November 2017/January 2018
  • IRS Form 4506-T signed
  • Copy of mortgage/rent statement December 2017
  • Annual Property Tax Bill 2017-2018
  • Most recent invoice/receipt for car payments on all automobiles (leased and/or purchased)
  • Automobile insurance face page identifying automobiles, coverage and premium amounts, for both personal and business autos
  • 2016 Federal Tax Return, including schedules/W2 Forms
  • 2017 Federal Tax Return, including schedules/W2 Forms
  • Copy of December 2016 paystub for each parent

Please be advised if any required item is missing, your financial aid file will be considered incomplete. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed until all documentation is provided. It is the applicant family’s responsibility to make sure all materials are received by FAST by Friday, February 2, 2018.

Please do not hesitate to contact Gillian Feldman at (213) 835-2170 for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Because we try to assist as many families in need as possible, we ask that you request the dollar amount that fits your circumstances.

Only the Harvey J. and Sybil A. Fields Scholarship Fund Committee and FAST will see your information.

Admissions decisions are made without consideration of the financial circumstances of the applicant. Once the Admissions Committee has reached its decisions, the Fields Scholarship Fund Committee awards financial aid to qualified families of students who have submitted all requested documents. Awards are for tuition only.

In the case of divorced or separated families, both parents must submit complete applications, and all deadlines apply. Special circumstances should be addressed directly with Gillian Feldman.

An appeal can be made through FAST if a family is denied aid. If the denial is based on an incomplete financial aid packet, all documentation must be on file before the appeal will be presented to the committee.

Families will be notified between March and April 2017.

If an application is received after the deadline, it will be reviewed only if funds are available and after those that were received on time..

Several payment options are available. Questions regarding these plans should be addressed directly with Gillian Feldman.

Please direct questions to Gillian Feldman at (213) 835-2170.

Helpful Hints for FAST Users

  • Use the FAST Taxes Quick Processing Wizard. It will pop up after you have paid FAST. Using the Wizard will expedite your application with FAST.
  • Copy your W-2s on a 8 1/2" x 11" sized piece of paper.
  • Do not staple or clip documents together.
  • Use only one email address per family. This must be an email that you check regularly, as FAST will communicate with you at this address.
  • Do not send FAST originals of any documents; send legible copies only.
  • When putting in dollar amounts, read the question(s) carefully and enter either monthly or yearly amounts.

If you are not sure of an answer, put a question mark in the answer box as a place holder in order to continue with your application. Note: all question marks must be filled in with numbers to complete the application process.